Agile and Modeling / MDE : friends or foes?

Today I’ve given a talk at the Agile Tour Nantes where I explore the relationships between software modeling and agile practices. For many agilists, the perception is that modeling is a useless activity that should not be part of the core agile practices. But, is this really the case? Can both cross-fertilize each other?

More specifically, I explore the three following topics:

  • Modeling in agile. Can agile benefit from modeling? How to integrate modeling in an agile process?
  • Agile in modeling. Can modeling benefit FROM agile? Can we apply agile principles when designing new modeling languages, model transformations,… If we have eXtreme Programming, I propose to have eXtreme Modeling (if XP is good, XM should be good as well!)
  • Modeling the agile. Can modeling help companies understand the human AND social aspects/requirements of agile methods and improve their chances of success when adopting them?

The first item is based on the work by Scott Ambler on Agile Modeling . The second one is a collection of ideas from our to-do list for future research. The third item is based on a previous work that we commented here .

I hope you enjoy the presentation. Of course, if you are interested in collaborating in any of those items or just want more information on them (in the end, a slideshow cannot replace a life explanation) please contact me.

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One Response to Agile and Modeling / MDE : friends or foes?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you model just the part you are going to program, like the history of a Scrum team, you are doing agile modeling :) it can be obtained the benefits of modeling as well as the rapid results from agile modeling.


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